Data digitization. Access to real-time information assisting in dynamic decision making.

Real-time data Analytics

We provide solutions to generate meaningful decision making information from real-time data captures on a daily basis. The data could be in any form SQL, No SQL, Flat files, Excel spreadsheets, Big Data, etc.
Data is an economical repository that can be converted into business leverage if rightly converted and used in the decision making process. Our expert team make use of PIG, Hive, R, HADOOP, Map Reduce and other analytical tools in addition to traditional database and RDMS tools.

Data Sanitisation

Our data sanitisation service helps customers have clean well-formed data. Our time tested process for data sanitisation helps in weeding out the following:
– Source input correction (Non-standard inputs, Human errors, etc.)
– SQL injection attempts, malicious code intrusion
– Duplicated data
– Unnecessary data redundancy
We sanitise data for data migration and all reporting purposes.

Data Organisation and Migration

Data is the main lifeline of business today, over the period of time all business operations generate considerable amount of data in various formats like Hard copies, excel, databases, flat files, 3rd party applications (POS, CRM, Accounting systems, etc.), databases, etc.
Our data organisation application platform helps in organisation data from various sources into a common searchable format. This digital platform creates a digital index of all searchable information with in the business. Once the data from various channels are digitised and migrated, it becomes a coherent tool for report generation, trend analysis, data interface for other external systems and mobile apps.
This platform once established will provide mobility and agility to the business keeping them ahead of their competition.