Internet of Things, Internet of Everything, Machine to Machine


Our solutions tap on our diverse and remarkable engineering skills combined with strong software and hardware integration background. We deploy automation and integration solutions that are creative and cost effective. The key benefit that we bring forth to our customers is the data processing and analytics solution that tips the scale against competition for businesses.

Our creative and unique solutions are limitless, listed below are some of our solutions and services:

  • Design and Integration of Embedded Systems, PLCs, Sensors, Meters, I/Os
  • Data Collection from instruments like PLCs, embedded systems, etc.
  • Data Processing (Real Time Data Display, Reports, Data Exports to ERP Systems)
  • Embedded System Development (Linux Embedded System)
  • Ethernet and Serial IO
  • RFID Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking using UHF Tags
  • Handling of industrial protocols like Modbus, Modbus TCP, etc.
  • Weighbridge System Integration and data processing solutions
  • Data processing and dynamic reporting
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